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Generic Name : acetaminophen/hydrocodone

Pill  with  imprint  VICODIN  ES  is  White,  Elliptical  / Oval  and  has  been  identified  as  Vicodin  ES  750 mg /  7.5mg. It  is  supplied  by Abbott  Laboratories.

Vicodin  ES  is  used  in  the  treatment  of  back pain; pain, cough  and  belongs  to  the  drug  class  narcotic analgesic combinations. Risk  cannot  be  ruled  out  during  pregnancy.  Vicodin  ES 750 mg / 7.5mg  is  classified  as  a  schedule 2 controlled substance.

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Vicodin ES

Generic Name     :      acetaminophen/hydrocodone
Imprint                 :       VICODIN ES
Strength              :       750 mg / 7.5 mg
Color                   :       White
Shape                 :       Elliptical / Oval
Availability           :       Prescription only
Drug Class         :       Narcotic Analgesic combinations

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Use Vicodin tablets as prescribed by doctor. Please go through the below given information these will help you as instructions how to use it.

Take with or without food. Take with food if it causes an upset stomach.

Do not take Vicodin with other strong pain drugs or if you are using pain patch without talking to your doctor first.

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This medicine may affect certain lab tests. Tell all of your health care providers and lab workers that you take Vicodin (hydrocodone and acetaminophen tablets and capsules).

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Vicodin is a moderate pain killer and also called to be a cough reliever. It includes hydrocodone and acetaminophen. Vicodin needs to be taken as advised by a doctor. Also the continuous use of vicodin leads to the bad habit of consumption of it and even the continuous use of vicodin leads to the larger dose of it gradually.

That’s the reason its consumption should not be increased without doctor’s advice. The vicodin is also used by many as a drug abuse. If the doctor does not prescribe it do not use it.

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There are vicodin’s side effects too so if anything unusal happens to you after its consumption you consult to doctor without any delay. Few side effects of vicodin are vomiting, nausea, constipation, dizziness, urinary difficulties, sleepiness, rashes and weakness.